University Pediatric Urology


Your child may have a urologic condition that requires surgical repair. It is our goal at University Pediatric Urology to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible.  If your child is scheduled for surgery during their office visit, you will be given instructions and a location for your child’s surgery. Our providers use three different facilities to perform surgery. Each location arranges the surgery schedule based on each case.  The facility will contact you with the arrival time for your child’s surgery (usually the day before).  Your child will be required to follow a NPO Protocol (nothing by mouth).  Each case is different, so it is important you ask for specific instruction when you receive your phone call.  If you have not received a phone call from the facility by 4:00pm the day prior to surgery, please contact our office.  If you have any questions after your child’s surgery please contact our office first as we are best-suited to answer questions specific to your child’s surgery.  Below is a list of the facilities our office performs surgery. 

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Children's West Surgery Center


Located in West Knoxville, Children’s West Surgery Center is the only freestanding pediatric ambulatory surgery center in East Tennessee.  Most of our cases are performed at CWSC.  For more information please visit their website

East Tennessee Children's Hospital


Located in Knoxville, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is the facility used most often when your child needs to stay overnight after surgery.  For more information visit their website

University of Tennessee Medical Center

UT Medical Center

Located in Knoxville, UT Medical Center is primarily used for our patients with kidney stones that require a type of surgery called ESWL.  For information visit their website