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Newborn Circumcision

Newborn circumcision is a primarily elective, preventative procedure in which a portion of the foreskin is removed. University Pediatric Urology believes that elective circumcision in the newborn period, defined in our office as up to 12 weeks of age, is your choice as a parent.   

The most recent statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding newborn circumcision supports the option of access to elective newborn circumcision due to its predicted health benefits (such as “prevention of urinary tract infections, penile cancer, and transmission of some sexually transmitted infections, including HIV” -AAP 2012.)


There are different ways to perform a newborn circumcision, and they all have specific risks and benefits unique to that method. The most important factor is the experience of the provider performing the circumcision.

After 12 weeks of age, a circumcision must be done as an outpatient surgery. Newborn circumcisions are performed in our office by the Nurse Practitioners or the Physician Assistant.

Below is an informational video on the Plastibell Circumcision, which is the method of circumcision for our office. 

Feel free to contact our office with any questions. 

Helpful Links and Resources

General information regarding safe newborn circumcision:

AAP 2012 Statement on Circumcision:

Newborn Circumcision Video

This video is meant to prepare parents/caregivers for what to expect about procedure and aftercare of circumcision specifically done in our office. It is intended for informational purposes only.

We hope that this video will help you feel more prepared!